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 A great hot sauce, that is an accessory to food.

Hot sauce. Angry Chef Brand Hot Sauce, that is.

We all love a great hot sauce—or at least those of us with souls do. Who doesn't like it on everything from eggs to chicken to pizza to tacos to babies? (Did I say babies?)

My hot sauce is made with only the best chiles, onions, garlic, carrots, vinegar, salt, and raw sugar. It has no emulsifiers, artificial flavors, or additives. It is naturally fermented to produce a pleasant tang that enhances the well-balanced heat and fruit notes from the chiles. Each batch is primed with a bit of sauce from the previous run, which creates a consistent yeast culture and fermented flavor.

Each month, I will produce one 20-gallon batch using at least 100 pounds of chiles.

Each month, I will produce one 20-gallon batch using at least 100 pounds of chiles. (That’s a shitload of chiles!) A base of habanero, red jalapeno, fresno and red thai chiles will be augmented with bhut jolokias, Trinidad scorpions, cayennes and whatever other ass-whupping peppers I can get my hands on! To source the more exotic chiles, such as bhut jolokias and Trinidad scorpion peppers, I have teamed with local farmers who will grow these varietals for me to use in the sauce during the summer months.

Angry Chef hot sauce is not the hottest condiment out there. And that is fine. A great hot sauce is an accessory to food. It should be something that opens the taste buds and makes you want to eat it. If you are just into hot sauces for the torture, I suggest pouring mine in your eyes, or cracking yourself in the nose with the bottle. (Disclaimer...Don't use Angry Chef Brand Hot Sauce for these things.)


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