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 A great hot sauce, that is an accessory to food.

A Gigantic Thank You!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a blogger for who wanted to ask me some questions about Angry Chef Brand Hot Sauce.

Here is the blog from Joanne Camas.

In other Angry Chef news the shop is up and running! 

I have been working on a green variety that will be hopefully out of the testing phase and out to the masses in a few months.

Stay tuned!

Flavorful Tyranny Phase One

Here we are.

The hard work begins now!  I am eager to get 20 gallons of this fantastic sauce out to the world each month!

Be on the lookout for updates on products that are in development (taste test and feedback, hm), recipes using Angry Chef Brand products, locations carrying our stuff and other random bits of interesting information. 

Don’t be shocked if I post a review of a death metal album or thoughts on a soccer match!

I am truly humbled by all of you. Your support and interest has helped me take something that I love and turn it into somethingthat I can share with others. 

There are so many people I want to thank for helping get this off the ground. I would write all of your names in hot sauce across a field of tacos if I could.  

Friends, family and supporters of Angry Chef Brand, I am in awe of how excited you are about our sauce!

Flavorful  tyranny worldwide

Help Me Make Hot Sauce

➨ Take a peek at my kickstarter campaign.

Your generous support will purchase ingredients, bottles, labels, equipment, and get a website up and running. Help turn my dream into something I can share with lovers of hot sauce worldwide! 

What do you get?
Hot sauce! From each batch, all but one gallon will be bottled and labeled. Each bottle will be hand-marked with the month, the bottle and possibly your own name! Imagine people all over the world enjoying the June 'William' vintage? “Wow, is William ever good on my burrito!”

The remaining gallon from each batch will be set aside. Once I have a full calendar-year of reserved sauces, I will blend them and put them into a re-purposed bourbon barrel, where it will age for at least six months before being bottled as the 'anniversary edition.


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