Angry Chef

 A great hot sauce, that is an accessory to food.

I am Doug Alexander, the Angry Chef.

As a boy, I was a pain in the ass. I used bad language. I told lies. I mouthed off. My parents thought a drop of hot sauce here, a bit of red-pepper flake there, would be a good punishment to temper my tongue. It didn’t. But those punishments, coupled with wanting to be like Dad (who loves himself some spicy food), gave me a taste for chiles, hot sauces, and salsas that continue to this day. It informs my work as a professional chef, and spice frequently shows up in my housemade charcuterie.

Three years ago, I made my first batch of hot sauce. It was crude, unfiltered and lacking nuance. This 'alpha' sauce still lives in my fridge at home, where it has aged into something amazing. Many experimental batches later, it is now time to unleash upon the world the flavorful tyranny of Angry Chef Brand Hot Sauce.


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